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The Chartrand, Serré, Lavictoire, Boudreault and Piovesan families are parked in the Matachewan camp ground in their white, blue, gray, yellow and orange trailers for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 days.

John is upset by their chatter, songs, fights, radio and the smell of burned marsh mellows.

Hints:  - The nightly chatter coming from the blue trailer disrupted his sleep less than 6 nights.
              - The yellow trailer, parked for two days, did not belong to the Boudreault or Serré families.
              - The Serré family did not stay four days.
              - The trailer which was burning marsh mellows for less than six days did not belong to the Lavictoire
                 or Serré families. This trailer was not gray or yellow.
              - John was upset for more than two days by the jealous Chartrand family.
              -  The Lavictoire's white trailer did not stay six days and did not have a radio.

Questions: What was the length of stay and the colour of trailer of each family?

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