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Dumping Ground

Equipment : Have enough beanbags for each player and have a few extra ones.

Formation :
Teams form two lines at opposite ends of the gym.
Beanbags are placed on a line in the middle of the floor.

Method :
On your signal, each team runs up, picks up a beanbag and takes it back and places it on their own line.
They then run up again to get another beanbag.
Beware of Smash Up Derby!

If there is not a beanbag in the middle, they must run all the way to the other team's line then take one of their beanbags and bring it back to their own line.

The team with the most beanbags and the least head butts is beanbag royalty!

Variations :
Run up, take a beanbag from the middle and put it on the opposing team's line.
When there are no beanbags left in the middle, get a beanbag from your own line and bring it to the opponents' line.
The team with the fewest beanbags and the least bruises is champ!

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