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Circus Comes To Town

Equipment : Cards with animal names : Lion, eagle, hippo, monkey, seal

Formation : Form a file behind the leader

Method :
Tell the children a story about a circus coming to town and many animals escape.
Each team is given an animal name.(lion, eagle, hippo, monkey, seal)
Scatter well the cards on the floor beyond a given line.
On your signal, they all run to find the card with their names.
They try to mimic the animal : noise or action.
The animal trainer,(leader), must run out, find his own animal and bring them back one at a time.
The first team back is champ!

Lion - roars, stands on all four legs
Eagle - flap wings
Hippo - waddles or has a wide open mouth
Monkey - noise, scratches
Seal - walk like a seal, noise

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