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Breaks 1

Thin as a pin (arms close in to body)
Wide as a barn (spread arms out)
Small as a house (stretch tall)

My hands upon my head, I'll place
On my shoulders, on my face,
On my hips and at my side,
Then I'll lift them up so high
Make my fingers swiftly fly,
Hold them out in front of me,
And clap them - 1 - 2 - 3

Jack-in -the-box jumps up like this (jump up)
Jack-in -the-box jumps down (crouch)
BANG goes the lid and up he pops (jump up)
Waggling himself around.

Can you see me I'm so tall (stretch tall)
Now I'm like a tiny ball (make yourself small on floor)
Now I'm spinning like a toy (turn aound)
And into my seat I pop. (sit down)

Buster Brown, turn around
Buster Brown, touch the ground
Buster Brown, touch your toes,
Thank you Buster, that will do.

Elbows close, arms parting make,
Then a breath we slowly take,
On your toes we stretch up high
And our hands reach for the sky.

Two littles brownies dressed in blue,
Let us see what they can do!
Stand at attention, stand at ease
Hands on your hips and bend your knees,
Hands on your neck, touch your toes,
Slap your sides and home you go.

This is my right hand - raise it up high
This is my left hand - I'll touch the sky
Right hand, left hand, twirl them around
Left hand, right hand, pound, pound, pound.
This is my right foot, tap, tap, tap
This is my left foot, pat, pat, pat
Right foot, left foot, run, run, run
Left foot, right foot, jump, jump, jump

NFL Fortune Teller

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