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One-Minute Soccer
Thanks Krista K

soccer ball
Two benches for teams to sit on(more if needed)
One soccer ball
Four pylons

Method :
Split group into two teams.
They each sit on a bench.
Put soccer ball at centre.

On a signal, the first person on each bench (at the end - right end I guess) should run counterclockwise around the first set of pylons, then behind the opposite team's bench until they reach the second set of pylons.

They should run through the centre of those pylons and try to kick the soccer ball through the other team's net (pylons) before the other team's player reaches the ball.

If they get to the net and realize the other player got to the ball first, they can hang back to try to save the ball from entering their goal instead.

If they score a goal, count one point for the team.
That player then joins the end of the bench and the next team player is up until everyone on the bench has had a turn. Play continues as long as you like.

Reminders :
- remind students to be aware to not "crash" into the other player as they run for the ball at centre!
- have the student who does not kick the ball set it up for the next players - saves you time.
- goals should be low to the ground.
- make sure to demonstrate where to run for younger kids who need the visual.

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