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Spider Ball

Equipment : Volleyballs

Method :
Divide the group into two teams.
Each player of a squad can be stationed anywhere on the gymnasium floor.
Each player must sit on the floor, arms extended back and away from the vertical position of the upper body.
The hands must be flat on the floor, fingers pointing away from the body.

To move, a player must lift his/her mid section off the floor.
He/she can propel with only feet and arms (looks like a spider walk to me)

The teacher throws, one, two or even three volleyballs into play.

Players must kick the balls into the opponent's goal.
Kicks must be taken with both hands on the floor.

Kicking the ball while one hand is off the ground will cause the ball to be awarded to the other team.

Set a time lime!

Can you say Arachnaphobia!

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