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Bean Bag

Each player has a bean bag.
Put it on the floor and walk away from it.
On signal, walk back to your own bean bag.

A colour is designated to each corner of the room.
Bean bags are red, green, yellow, blue.
Players walk, skip, gallop around with their bean bag in hand.
On the first signal, they drop their bean bags and continue walking, skipping, hopping...
On the next signal, they pick up a bean bag and take it to the designated corner for the colour they now have in their hand. (Red bean bag goes to red corner.)

Variations :
Each team has a corner.
Pick up a bean bag and take it to your team's corner.
Carry your bean bag on your head to the corner.

Relay :
Two bean bags are placed on a designated line.
The first player runs up and sets them (one at a time) on another designated line and then comes back to tag the next player who runs up and returns them to where they were before.

Five Star Toss :
Equipment : Five bean bags for each circle (Twenty bean bags ) Form circle.

Method :  Start with one bean bag and throw it to the second person on the left.
                 Add two, three, four, five bean bags and try to keep them going!

Daily Physical Activities and Games