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Frozen Tag
Thanks L. Fielitz


Purpose: This warm-up game works on speed and agility while participants must also work as a team.
Equipment: None
Description: Mark out an area approximately the size of half a basketball court. Select one participant to be “It” and everyone else is to be chased. On the command of “Go” the person who is “It” tries to tag anyone they can. The people being chased can run around the area to elude being tagged. Once a person being chased is tagged, they become “frozen” and must remain stationary. The “frozen” person can be “unfrozen” by another person being chased. The chased person crawls between the legs of the “frozen” person to unfreeze them. The game continues for a set time, until everyone has been “It”, or everyone is frozen. Participants must pay close attention to the “It” person and the people frozen because the game can continue as long as there are people to chase.
In figure below, person X is “It” and the numbered circles are “frozen”. Person Y attempts to crawl under person #3. Person X sees this and begins to run towards person Y. If person X reaches person Y and tags him/her, they are also frozen. If person Y crawls under person #3s legs, then person #3 is unfrozen and can run again. The game is over when everyone is “frozen”. Another game can begin with a new “It”


  1. Increase difficulty: Add more participants that are “it” to speed up the game and make it more challenging.

  2. Make the game specific for your activity: Change the way a person becomes “unfrozen”. Example: a person must do two pushups to unfreeze another. Tailor the unfreezing action to any part of the body you want to warm-up.

frozen tag

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