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Ten Cards Shuffle

Shuffle a deck of cards.
Deal ten cards, face up and fan them on the table.
Ask a participant to look at the cards and memorize one of the cards.

Tell the participant to remember the position of the card by counting the cards beginning on the right hand side.

NB : In the video, the 4 of hearts is chosen. It is in the third position from the right.

Square up the pile.
Turn the small pack face down on the table.
Move 3 cards, one at a time,  from the bottom of the pack to the top.
Now ask the participant to reveal the position of his/her card.
(In the video, it is in the third position)

Transfer this number of cards, one at a time, from the bottom to the top of the pile.
Now place the top card on the table and place the next card on the bottom of the pile.
Keep doing this procedure until only one card remains.
Turn over the last card .


Watch the video