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Math Tricks

Fun math activities and puzzles that stimulate inquisitive minds.

Math Tricks
Another Math Tool Always Five
April Fool Math A Continuous Line A Star Gazer
Area X Method Amazing Number Be Logical
Book Math Be Right Blank Math
Birthday Math Bubble Math Box The Digits
Card Multiplication Calendar Math Compatibility
Coins Puzzle Challenging Pennies Computation
Consecutive Squares Circles, Hearts, Stars Combination Math
Dice Math Dice Roll Prediction Dice Magic
Digits Digital Math Dice Calculation
Divide by Five Divisions A Plenty Do The Line Up
Decimals To Fractions Don't Try It Flextangles
EZ Math Egyptian X Method Equation
Eight Card Prediction Eleven Times Fast Food
Food Math Four More Four Straight Cuts
Figure 4 Fraction Subtraction Find 55 Triangles
Genius Test Hate Eight Hole Math
House and Age Hungarian Hexagon Grid Math
Insert Digits Here Japanese X Method Kwads
Lucky 7 Lots Lattice Multiplication
Magic Double Whammy Make A Square Magic Playing Cards
Mathalism Make A Pyramid Math Arrangement
Mathamazement Math Butterfly Math Predictions
Math Magic Cards Magic Square Math Tool
Mind Reader Math Challenge Video Missing Number
More Missing More Fruit Math Must Be Fourteen
Multiply Decimals Market Prediction Must Love 23
Multiplication Cootie Predictability Nine Card Prediction
Number Guesser Nine Coins Challenge Nine Amazement
One Hundred Pick A Number Pyramid Math
Popsicle Stick Method Phone Math Puzzling Magic Square
Reproduction Recurring Number Roll Them
Roman Numerals Russian Peasant Math Right Angle
Self-Working Trick Seven Rows Seven and Thirteen
See The Value
Seventy Three Simplicity
Six X Snake Math Snowball Math
Squares Challenge Soul Mate Split Decisions
Strike Out Seven To One Shaded Cell
Sixteen Toothpicks
Total Triangles Talk To The Animals Ternary Math
Total Predictions Toothpick Math Totalitarianism
Triangle Magic
The Well Triangulation
Triangulate It Triple Solution Tiny Bubbles
Two Too Twenty-six Moves Two Rectangles
Urban Planning Two Fractions The Box Math Puzzle
Valid Equation Verify Multiplications Venn Math
Viral Math Vertical and Crosswise Very Tricky Math
Your Date Of Birth Your Secret Number Zero Substitution
15 Strokes 2 Cuts 20 Card Prediction
5 Additions 5 Black Cards 8 = 140 = 25
XIII = 13 Happy Face Math Roman Words
Five Circles Number Order Four Triangles
Algebraic Valentine Math Equilateral Toothpicks

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