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Twin Finder

Choose twelve cards : four kings, four queens and four jacks.

Before starting the magic card trick, place these cards in the following order :
King of Diamonds, King of Spades
Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Spades
Jack of Diamonds, Jack of Spades
King of Hearts, King of Clubs
Queen of Hearts, Queen of Clubs
Jack of Hearts, Jack of Clubs
Make a small pack of twelve cards.

Cut the cards until the spectator asks you to stop.
Count six cards and place them to one side.
Place the remaining six cards on the other side.

Ask the spectator to choose a pack.
Turn the card over.
In the video, the Jack of Spades was chosen.
Place the remaining cards on top of the spectator's pack.

Take the top and bottom card from the pack.
Place these two cards on the table.
Continue taking top and bottom cards until only one card remains.
Turn over the other are a twin finder.

Watch the video

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