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Paper Thanksgiving Turkey

thanksgiving turkey
Turkey body
Take a square piece of paper and place it like a diamond, point at the top.
Fold paper in half then unfold.
Fold the top-right edge towards the center midline.
Repeat on the left side.
Now fold the top-right edge towards the center midline.
Repeat on left side.
Turn the paper over.
Fold the top point so it meets the bottom point.
Fold the top point back up about a quarter of the way.
Draw two eyes.
Straighten the neck and head of the turkey.
Fold the tip of the head to create the wattle.

Turkey tail
Fold in the back part of the turkey.
Cut a slit. (watch the video)
Unfold the back side of the turkey.
Get another piece of paper.
Pleat it accordian style.
Use a piece of tape to hold pleats together.
Insert tail into body slit.
Fan open the pleated tail.

Gobble, gobble...did it!

Watch the video

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