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math mentalism

Ask a participant to shuffle a standard 52-card deck.
Then ask him/her to turn over, face up, a pile of twenty-five cards.
Turn and set aside, face down, the twenty-five card pile.
Make your prediction!

Take the remaining cards and do the following:
If it is a two through nine card, place it face up, and count out cards up to the number ten.

In the video a nine is turned; place it face up, and then count out one card coming down.
Then a seven is turned; you count three cards, saying "eight, nine, ten."

If the card you turn up is a ten, Jack, Queen or King , place the card on the bottom of the deck, face down like the
rest of the cards.
Repeat this procedure until you have completed four columns of  "ten counts."

Take whatever remaining cards you have after making the four columns, and place them face down on TOP of the twenty-five card pile you set aside earlier.

Now ask the participant to total up the numbers at the top of the four columns.

In the video the total is 23. Count 23 cards from the very top of the set .
Turn over prediction.

Magic...go find a swami hat!

Secret revealed
As the participant counts out the cards to twenty-five,  memorize that 17th card...that's your prediction!

Watch the video.

PS :
Try this other prediction trick too!

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