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card slide

Pick out one complete suit except the King and Queen.
Arrange the eleven cards in order in three rows, with a space at the end. (Look at the illustration above.)

Now move one card at a time, into the space that is next to it, and end with the cards completely reversed in order:
J 10 9 8
7 6 5 -
4 3 2 A
The space should be at the end of the middle row this time.

There, will always be one space, and only a card that adjoins this space may be moved into it.
(The first move must be either the J or the 8, as no other card adjoins the space.
If the Jack is moved, the next move must be the 7 or the 10.
If the 8 is moved, the next move must be the 7 or the 4.)
The cards may be moved either up or down or across, but not diagonally.

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