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Russian Peasant Multiplication Method

A method that is still used in some areas of Russia today, the Russian Peasant Multiplication Method involves a process of halving and doubling which reduces one factor to powers of two.

How to multiply 43 x 92.

Create two columns.
At the top of each column, write the two numbers you want to multiply.
In the video we chose 43 x 92.

Continually divide the number on the first column by 2 until you get to 1.
Do not write the remainders.

Multiply the number in the second column by 2.
Stop when there are the same amount of numbers in this column as there are in the first column.
Cross out all the numbers in the second column that are in the same line as an even number in the first column.
Add the remaining numbers.

Watch the video.

:  Solve this same problem using the Area Method, the Egyptian Method, the Vedic Method
or the Lattice Method.

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