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The Mysterious Resurrecting Card

Shuffle a deck of cards.
Create five piles with each pile containing five cards.
Ask a spectator to choose a pile.
Place the remaining cards into two piles.

From the pile chosen by the spectator, ask him or her to memorize a card.
In the video, the red Joker was chosen.
Place the chosen pile between the two other piles

Deal out the cards forming piles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (watch the video).
Ask the spectator to identify the pile which holds his/her card.
Make two piles from the remaining four stacks.

Place the top card of his/her pile on the stack so the card projects about one inch beyond the end.
Pick up the next card from his/her pile and place it so that its end projects one inch in the opposite direction.
You will end up with three cards on the top and two cards on the bottom.
Place the remaining pile of cards on top.

Tap the three cards down until they're flush.
Tap the bottom two cards up until they're flush.
One card will mysteriously resurrect!

Watch the video.

PS :
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