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Nine Cards Trick

Take any nine cards from a standard deck of 52 cards.
Place the nine cards into three piles of cards.

Pick up any pile and remember its bottom card.
Drop this pile on top of one of the others, and these six on top of the last pile.
The cards remain down throughout the card trick.

Hold the nine cards down and spell the value of the chosen card by dealing one card down to the table for each letter.
In the video,  the card chosen is the Five of Hearts.
Spell F I V E and drop the remaining cards on top.
Pick up the packet and spell O F.
Drop the rest of the cards on top.
Pick up the packet and spell the suit of the card you selected : H E A R T S.
Drop the rest of the packet on top.

Now spell M A G I C and turn over this last card.
The letter C will be the selected card, in this case, the 5 of Hearts!

Watch the video

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