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Illusion Card Trick
Help develop observation, math skills and visual acuity.

Preparation :
Download illusion.pdf.  Cut out the nine optical illusion cards.

Procedure :
Give the nine optical illusion cards to the participant.
Instruct the participant to shuffle the cards, to choose one and memorize it.
Ask the spectator to shuffle once again the optical illusion cards.

How to :
From left to right, deal the cards into three face up piles.
Ask the spectator to point to the pile which contains his/her optical illusion card.
While stacking the cards, stack the 3-card pile that contains the participant's card between the other two piles.
If the participant's card is in the right pile, place the right pile between the other two piles

Deal the cards once again into three face-up piles.
Follow the same left to right order as above.
Stack the cards.
The participant's optical illusion card will be the fifth card from the top.
Ask the participant to describe the optical illusion.

This card trick works well with 21 cards. The eleventh card from the top of the deck will be the parcipant's card.
Use this method to create spelling cards, shapes cards, food cards, geometry cards, animal cards.
Students will learn magically!

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