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Foxy Napkin Holder

fox napkin holder

When serving your new chicken recipe, impress your friends and relatives too.
Add this touch!

Fold up the bottom of a sheet of paper. (3cm or 1 inch)
Turn over the sheet of paper having the fold at the top.
Fold down the two corners of the sheet to form two triangles.

Turn paper over having pointed end on top.
Fold down point  (3 cm or 1 inch)
Turn over the paper.

Insert finger and fold ends to form a bow like figure.
Start folding paper from bottom end (1 cm or 1/2 inch at a time)
Draw the beady eyes!
Insert one end of folds into the other end to form a ring.
Insert napkin.

Foxy says : "Bring on that chicken!"

Watch the video.