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You will need a deck of 52 playing card without Jokers.

Procedure :
Ask a participant to shuffle the cards.
When finished shuffling, ask the participant to look at the bottom card and memorize it.
In the video, the bottom card  is the five of spades.

Ask the participant to place the deck on the table, then turn over the top 3 cards.

Instruct the participant to deal cards face down below each of the face-up cards.
The participant must subtract the number on the face-up card from 15
Example : if the card is a 6, he should deal 9 cards below it (15 - 6 = 9).

Ask the participant to place all the cards he/she dealt in step 3 on the bottom of the deck.
Keep the 3 face-up cards on the table.

Ask the participant to add values of the face-up cards together.
Jacks = 11, Queens =12, Kings =13.
In the video, there is a 4, a 6, and a 6 on the table.
The total is 4 + 6 + 6 = 16.
Deal out that many cards then put them on the bottom of the deck.

Place 4 next cards on table. (The 4th card is the one you must force on the participant.)

Ask the participant to choose 2 cards.
Remove or keep the cards according to choice made by the participant.
Ask the participant to point to one card.
Now ask the participant to reveal the card that was chosen at the beginning.

Magically turn over the last card!

How this happen :
Each face-up card + the value of the card subtracted from 15 + the value of the card = 16.
Therefore 16 × 3 face-up cards = 48.
Then 48 + 4 (the fourth card) = 52 cards in the deck.

Watch the video.

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