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Three families (Hearts, Spades and Clubs) go to the shopping mall.
Family members go into different stores.
How do you reunite one family?

Do this :
Remove 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of Hearts, Spades and Clubs.
Group them into families.

Take one family, mix them and place them on table.
Take another family, mix them and put them on top of other family.
Take the last family, mix them and put them on top of other two families.

Pick them up randomly.
Cut the deck two times.

Choose the top or bottom card and set it aside.

From left to right deal the cards into seven piles.
1     2     3    4    5     6   7  
14  13  12  11  10    9   8  

Turn over pile 3 and pile 6
Turn over the card that was set aside.

One happy family again!

Watch the video.

PS :
Try this other family card trick too!

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