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Card Detective

Shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards
Ask a participant to choose any card.
This chosen card will become a card detective.
This card will find any card that will be chosen by the participant.
In the video, the card detective is the 4 of Clubs.

Make 2 piles of 15 cards.
Ask the participant to choose a stack of cards.
You will get the other stack.
Ask participant to cut his/her stack in two.
You will also now cut your stack in two piles.

From the remaining cards, ask participant to choose a card and not reveal it to you.
In the video, the 8 of Spades was chosen.
Ask participant to place his/her card on one of his/her piles.
Now place one of your piles on top of the participant's card.
Take the card detective (4 of Clubs) place it, face up on one of your stacks.
Place that stack on top of the pile.
Ask participant to place his/her remaining pile on top.

Pick up the pile of cards and make 2 piles.
Pick up the pile showing the card detective and keep making two piles.
Watch the video and amaze yourself and the participant.

Magic happens!

Watch the video

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