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Witch Apple Carving

halloween witch

1- Carve the apple as shown in the video by making indentations for the nose, mouth, side of head for temples,
     and bottom of back of head.
2- Sprinkle head with salt then with lemon juice until the salt disolves to bleach and preserve the head.
3- Insert cloves to form the eyes.
4- Stand apple head on a radiator for approximately two weeks in order to let head dry and shrink.
5- When head is dry, glue on the strands of wool to create the hair.
6- Push in cloves as they will be sticking out during drying process.
7- Paint facial features or leave as is.

1- To make the arms, twist two pipe cleaners together, bend the ends to make the hands.
2- Cut a piece of black material (25cm  x  8cm) then wrap it around pipe cleaners and staple to pipe cleaners.
3- Twist arms twice around a 30 cm stick.
4- Cut a piece of black material (20cm x 40cm). Fold in half. Cut a small hole in the centre of the fold.
5- Lay material on top of arms, pushing stick through the hole. Tie the dress at the waist with a piece of string.
6- Push stick into the head.

1- Wrap about 1m of yarn around your hand or around a 5cm piece of cardboard.
2- Remove cardboard and tie one end of yarn to broomstick.
3- Cut loops open at the other end.

1- Make a cone to fit the head out of black construction paper. Glue ends together.
    Trace bottom of the cone on a piece of contruction paper. Draw a circle about 2cm wider then the circle
     and cut around the outside edge.
2- Cut a small circle in the middle. Snip back to traced circle.
3- Push cone up through the hole and glue the two pieces together.
4- Glue hat on head.

You are now ready to take broom flying lessons!

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