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How To Practice Additions Up To Ten

Try this innovative method of practicing additions using a self-working math card trick.

Give the participant a deck of cards.(Remove jokers.)
Explain to the participant that the Jack, Queen and King are worth 10.

Tell the participant to choose two cards between 1 and 9 that do not total 10.
Place these two cards aside.
(Do not choose 1 and 9,  2 and 8,  3 and 7,  4 and 6,  5 and 5)
In the video we chose 3 and 9.
Ask the participant to shuffle the cards.

Now instruct the participant to turn over the cards individually.
When 2 cards total 10, place a card on top of them.
When a Jack, Queen or King appears, place a card on top of them.
If a single card remains, place it on the table.

Now pick up any two piles that total 10.
If you have followed the instructions carefully, two piles will remain on the table.

Magic Question :
What cards must you add to each remaining pile to obtain a total of 10?
Turn over the cards that were set aside.

Watch the video.

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