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Student Behaviour Profiler

student behaviour profiler

The Student Behaviour Profiler is an online program that allows you to :
Track student behaviours
Analyze data
Produce in-depth reports
Identify problem area
Save time

• the Student Behaviour Profiler has an interface that is highly customizable.
• the Student Behaviour Profiler runs online through a secure website.
• the Student Behaviour Profiler can be used simultaneously by multiple users.
• the Student Behaviour Profiler is maintenance free as it runs online.
• the Student Behaviour Profiler is PBIS friendly..
• the Student Behaviour Profiler was created and developped by ProfCo, a Canadian company.
• gain time through efficient management.
• use email to communicate with stakeholders.
• avoid surprises with access to student records anywhere and anytime.
• meet all stakeholders' communication needs.
• create reports rapidly by using live data.
• help struggling students get back on track quickly.
• share ideas with other administrators through a forum.
• pinpoint problem behaviours and problem solve solutions.

Watch a video presentation of the Student Behaviour Profiler.
Click here for more information.