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Your Class Management Style

Answer these 12 questions and learn more about your classroom management profile.
• Read each statement carefully. Write your response, from the scale below, on a sheet of paper.
• Respond to each statement based upon either actual or imagined classroom experience.

Scoring scale
1. = Strongly Disagree
2. = Disagree
3. = Neutral
4. = Agree
5. = Strongly Agree

(1) If a student is disruptive during class, I assign him/her to detention, without further discussion.
(2) I don’t want to impose any rules on my students.
(3) The classroom must be quiet in order for students to learn.
(4) I am concerned about both what my students learn and how they learn.
(5) If a student turns in a late homework assignment, it is not my problem.
(6) I don’t want to reprimand a student because it might hurt his/her feelings.
(7) Class preparation isn’t worth the effort.
(8) I always try to explain the reasons behind my rules and decisions.
(9) I will not accept excuses from a student who is tardy.
(10) The emotional well-being of my students is more important than classroom control.
(11) My students understand that they can interrupt my lecture if they have a relevant question.
(12) If a student requests a hall pass, I always honor the request.
Understand your score

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