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Help students discover the fractional parts of their own bodies.

Working with a partner, each child cuts a piece of string roughly the same length as the other's height.
Have them fold their strings in half to measure body parts that they estimate would measure about half their heights. (Hips to toes and arm lengths are typical first tries.)

The children can find other fractions by folding their strings into thirds, fourths and fifths to measure smaller body parts, such as wrists, ankles, knees and necks.

Some children might even continue the folding to measure finger lengths and thumb widths.

When done, the students record all their findings on charts divided into columns labeled: "1/2 My Height," "1/3 My Height," "1/4 My Height" and so on.

Ask the students to measure grins !

After the children acquire a firm understanding of the fraction concept, ease into the number equivalents .
Have them remeasure their heights and body parts with tape measures.
Convert the string measures on their charts to fractions.

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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