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Name That Coin

1. Look at the coins and talk about what color they are, the pictures on them, andwhat they are worth.
2. Put a penny, nickel, and dime on the floor or table.
3. Tell your child that you are thinking of a coin.
4. Give your child hints to work out which coin you are thinkingof.
    For example, "My coin has a face on one side, a building on the other."
5. Let your child think about what you have said by looking at the coins.
6. Ask, "Can you make a guess?"
7. Add another clue: "My coin is silver."
8. Keep giving clues until your child guesses the coin.
9. Add the quarter to the coins on the table and continue the game.
10. Have your child give you clues for you to guess the coin.

This guessing game helps young children learn to recognize coins and develop problem-solving and higher level thinking skills.

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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