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Money Match

This game helps children count change. Lots of repetition will make it even more effective.

What you'll need
A die to roll
10 of each coin (penny, nickel, dime)
6 quarters

What to do
1. For young players (5- and 6-year-olds), use only 2 different coins (pennies and nickels or dimes and quarters).
    Older children can use all coins.
2. Explain that the object of the game is to be the first player to earn a set amount (25 cents or 50 cents is a good amount).
3. The first player rolls the die and gets the number of pennies shown on the die.
4. Players take turns rolling the die to collect additional coins.
5. As each player accumulates 5 pennies or more, the 5 pennies are traded for a nickle piece.
6. As each player accumulates 2 nickels or more, the nickels are traded for a dime. And so on.
7. The first player to reach the set amount wins.
8. Add the quarters to the game when the children are ready.

Counting money, which involves counting by 1s, , 5s, and 10s, is a challenging skill and usually does not come easily to children at first.

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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