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These activities help children understand how items can be organized and grouped in logical ways.

What you'll need

What to do
1. Section selection.
Show your child that the papers are divided into different sections and explain that each section serves a purpose.
Show how the pages are numbered.

2. Ad adventure.
Provide your child with supermarket ads from the newspapers.
Help him see how many items are listed and the prices.
Compare the prices at different stores.
Ask which store has the best bargain and why.
Talk about the difference in prices between items bought at regular price, items at sale prices, and items bought with money-off coupons.
What happens when an item is bought at sale price and bought with a coupon?

3. Solid search.
Look at the ads or coupons for pictures of all the cylinders, boxes, or cubes you can find.
What are their different uses?
Paste the pictures on paper and make a "book of geometric solids."
Have one page for each solid.

Understanding that there is a logical order to the way things are arranged in the newspaper, and in the book of solids, helps show that math skills can be used in organizing written material.
Comparing information, such as the sale prices at stores, also helps children

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