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In The News

Young children love to look at the newspaper.
It is fun for them to realize that there are things for them to see and do with the paper.

What you'll need
Pencil or crayon

What to do
1. Newspaper numbers.
Help your child look for the numbers 1-100 in the paper.
Cut the numbers out and glue them in order onto a large piece of paper.
For children who cannot count to 100 or recognize numerals that large, only collect up to the number they
do know.
Have your child say the numbers to you and practice counting.
Collect only numbers within a certain range, like the numbers between 20 and 30.
Arrange the numbers on a chart, grouping all the numbers with 2s in them, all the numbers with 5s, and so on.

2. Counting book.
Cut out pictures from the newspaper and use them to make a counting book.
Page one will have one thing on it, page 2 will have 2 things that are alike, page 3 will have 3 things that are alike, and so on.
All the things on the pages have to be the same.
At the bottom of each page, write the number of items on the page and the word for the item.
Have your child dictate a story to you about what is on the page.

Being able to read and understand the newspaper involves more than just the ability to read the words and understand what they say. It also involves the ability to read and understand numbers.

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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