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Get Ready

Getting ready to go shopping can help parents and children share their thinking strategies about math with one another.

What you'll need
Coupons (if you use them)

What to do
1. Involve the family in making a list. List each item and mark each item to indicate the number required.
2. Look at the price of an item you bought last week and intend to buy this week.
How much did it cost last week? How much does it cost this week?
Do you want to:
Pay this week's price?
Wait until the price comes down?
Or, stock up if it is reduced?
3. Involve the group in deciding how much milk or juice will be needed for a week.
You might decide to estimate by cups.

Use a litre drink container to show how many cups it contains.
4. If you collect coupons, organize them.
Choose the coupons that match the items on the grocery list.

Discuss how much money will be saved on various items by using coupons.

Practicing measurement and estimation will help improve your children's ability to predict amounts with accuracy.

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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