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Fill It Up

What you'll need
Empty containers in different shapes (yogurt cups, margarine tubs, juice boxes with tops cut off, pie tins)
Rice, popcorn kernels, or water
Masking tape

What to do
1. Have your child choose an empty container each day and label it for the day by writing the day on a piece of masking tape and
sticking it on the container.
2. Discover which containers hold more than, less than, or the same as the container chosen for that day by filling the day's
container with water, uncooked rice, or popcorn kernels; and pouring the substance from that container into another one.
the container full, not full, or overflowing?
Ask your child,
"Does this mean the second container holds more than the first, less, or the same?"
3. Ask your child questions to encourage comparison, estimation, and thinking about measurement.
4. Put all the containers that hold more in one spot, those that hold less in another, and those that hold the same in yet another. Label the areas "more," "less," and "the same?
5. After the containers have been sorted, ask, "Do we have more containers that hold more, hold less, or hold the same?
How many
containers are in each category?"

PS: Consider doing more fun printable math activities.

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