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Bean Bag Math

Materials : bean bags

Write one math fact on each bean bag. (example 2 x 6)
Give a bean bag to each student.
Have them line up in front of you.
Ask the students to throw the bean bags as far as they can throw them.
Upon signal, allow students to pick up as many bean bags as possible, then blow a whistle.
When students hear the whistle blow, they are to line up in a single file line.
Students then take turns saying the problem on their bean bags along with the answers.
If they are correct, they remain in the line.
If they are incorrect, they must juggle the bean bag from one hand to the other while practicing the math table they missed.
Students that are juggling and reciting math tables join in  the next round.

Beware of head butts!
Helmets not manditory!

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