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Riddle Of The Sack Of Wine

Answer :

The question was: Did Brother Benjamin take more wine from the bottle than water from the jug? 
Or did he take more water from the jug than wine from the bottle?
He did neither. 
The same quantity of wine was transferred from the bottle as water was taken from the jug. 
Let us assume that the glass would hold a quarter of a pint. 
There was a pint of wine in the bottle and a pint of water in the jug. 
After the first manipulation the bottle contains three-quarters of a pint of wine, and the jug one pint of water mixed with a quarter of a pint of wine. 
Now, the second transaction consists in taking away a fifth of the contents of the jug—that is, one-fifth of a pint of water mixed with one-fifth of a quarter of a pint of wine. 
We thus leave behind in the jug four-fifths of a quarter of a pint of wine—that is, one-fifth of a pint—while we transfer from the jug to the bottle an equal quantity (one-fifth of a pint) of water.

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