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The Frog's Who Would A-wooing Go

Answer :

This is one of those puzzles in which a plurality of solutions is practically unavoidable. 
There are two or three positions into which four frogs may jump so as to form five rows with four in each row, but the case I have given is the most satisfactory arrangement.

The frogs that have jumped have left their astral bodies behind, in order to show the reader the positions which they originally occupied. 
Chang, the frog in the middle of the upper row, suffering from rheumatism, as explained in the Frogs and Tumblers solution, makes the shortest jump of all—a little distance between the two rows; 
George and Wilhelmina leap from the ends of the lower row to some distance N. by N.W. and N. by N.E. respectively; 

while the frog in the middle of the lower row, whose name the Professor forgot to state, goes direct S.

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