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The Christmas Geese

Answer :

Farmer Rouse sent exactly 101 geese to market. 

Jabez first sold Mr. Jasper Tyler half of the flock and half a goose over (that is, 50-½ + ½, or 51 geese, leaving 50); he then sold Farmer Avent a third of what remained and a third of a goose over (that is, 16-2/3 + 1/3, or 17 geese, leaving 33).

He then sold Widow Foster a quarter of what remained and three-quarters of a goose over (that is, 8-1/4 + 3/4 or 9 geese, leaving 24); he next sold Ned Collier a fifth of what he had left and gave him a fifth of a goose "for the missus" (that is, 4-4/5 + 1/5 or 5 geese, leaving 19). 

He then took these 19 back to his master.

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