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The Adventurous Snail
Answer :

At the end of seventeen days the snail will have climbed 17 ft., and at the end of its eighteenth day-time task it will be at the top. 
It instantly begins slipping while sleeping, and will be 2 ft. down the other side at the end of the eighteenth day of twenty-four hours. How long will it take over the remaining 18 ft.? 
If it slips 2 ft. at night it clearly overcomes the tendency to slip 2 ft. during the daytime, in climbing up. In rowing up a river we have the stream against us, but in coming down it is with us and helps us. 
If the snail can climb 3 ft. and overcome the tendency to slip 2 ft. in twelve hours' ascent, it could with the same exertion crawl 5 ft. a day on the level. 

Therefore, in going down, the same exertion carries it 7 ft. in twelve hours—that is, 5 ft. by personal exertion and 2 ft. by slip. 
This, with the night slip, gives it a descending progress of 9 ft. in the twenty-four hours. 
It can, therefore, do the remaining 18 ft. in exactly two days, and the whole journey, up and down, will take it exactly twenty day

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