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The Secret To Rory's Success

The Eyeline Putting Mirror is the most used mirror on Pro Tours around the globe.
Poor alignment is the major cause of missed putts.
The Eyeline Putting Mirror will create confidence on the green.

The Putter Gate Slots let you set up a gate of tees for the toe and heel of the putter to learn to swing and create "sweet spot" contact in the center of the putter face.

The Eyeline Putting Mirror is the perfect way to get ready to play golf.
It gives you full view of your setup and stroke: your eyes, putter face, and shoulders.
The non-skid base makes it perfect for your practice on the green or in the office.
Toss it down, line it up, check your setup lines, and build confidence.
Check your putter face alignment, eye position and throw it back in your bag.
It is less expensive than a dozen quality golf balls and it lasts much longer.
The putting mirror has helped Rory improve his putting. It will certainly help you.

putting mirror   putting mirror

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