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Free Business Card Golf Drills
Leave them in your golf bag.

golf and drivers

The Golf Drills are cards printed on a 2 x 3.5 inches business card format.

Confessions of a range rat.
Are you spending countless hours on the driving range rapidly smashing golf balls?
Are you forgetting (like myself) all the best drills you learned from your golf pro?

Try this instead:
- Practice with a purpose on the golf range.
- Put fun back into golf practice.
- Choose the drill that is right for your own golf game.
- Dedicate some time at the driving range on a regular basis.
- Practice to achieve a more consistent golf game.
- These drills will make your practice time more productive on the driving range.
- The golf drills also make a great gift for your favorite golfer and for tournament awards.

20 Drills:
6 drills will help improve your Driver and Woods : Header, Humble Pie, Moe, Stick It, Tee Trick, Wack It.
8 drills will help improve your Irons : Baseball, Beaver Pelt, Chicken Wings, Footloose, Hippie, Lob It, Stretch, The Pits.
3 drills will help improve your Putter : No Cheetah, Shaft, 369.
3 drills will help improve your Short Game : Big Foot, Choo Choo, Rubber Band.

Sixteen drills fit comfortably inside the card holder. Rotate the twenty drills to suit your needs.

View the golf drills samples.

golf drill in the bag  golf drills in the bag

PS:  Free (Pay only s&h)  
         Create your own drills. Use this golf drill template.
         Stick your own label on the card holder to promote your services.

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