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Golf Drills Samples

golf and drivers
The Golf Drills are printed on a 2 x 3.5 inches business card format.

Driver and Metal Woods

Humble Pie 
Find your swing faults. 
Tee ball at least 1 inch above turf. 
Take a 5 wood, line it up level with the ball.                 Swing slowly trying to sweep ball cleanly off the tee.


Rubber Band
Stick a pencil under elastic on right wrist (for lefties) to flatten wrist while chipping. 
Place the pencil so it covers the back of wrist from your lower forearm to the back of your hand. 
Practice short chips.

20 Drills:
6 drills will help improve your Driver and Woods : Header, Humble Pie, Moe, Stick It, Tee Trick, Wack It.
8 drills will help improve your Irons : Baseball, Beaver Pelt, Chicken Wings, Footloose, Hippie, Lob It, Stretch, The Pits.
3 drills will help improve your Putter : No Cheetah, Shaft, 369.
3 drills will help improve your Short Game : Big Foot, Choo Choo, Rubber Band.

Sixteen drills fit comfortably in the card holder. Rotate the twenty drills to suit your needs.

golf drill in the bag  golf drills in the bag

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