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Flash Games
When you need a break!

Arcade Flash Games
Bike Pro  Stunts to go Troglodite  Halloween Special Bunch  Tactile tenacity
Best Invaders Space stuff Japanese Escape  Let me out El emigrante  Don't get caught
Dance Fever  Bust a move! Monster Trucks  Drive em Dread Rocks  Extreme climber
Falafel King  Veggie pride Frog Feed  Insects...beware Irritation  Good Luck
Hurry Up  Beat The Rush Molten Iron  Hot stuff Loosing Sheep  Baaaa
Find  Stuff Go For The Leafs  Not Toronto Quest For Power Be the king
Da bee  Be da bee Surf Pirates  Sharks on the loose Tetris Clone   or is it?
Bubbles  Don't panic Air Blobs  Bust 'em
Point and Search Flash Games
Ah...don't give up  Find the stuff Anika's Odyssey  Find the doll Bird Be Damned  Find the TV dish
Can You Escape  Get out Click and Drop  You figure it out Chasm  Don't fall!
Fix My Cat  Halloween hissing Find Your Way Look up, in middle Fog Fall  No English mist here
Find Me  or Charlie Please Get Out   Mobai Room Virtual Villagers  Free trial
Japanese Escape Get out of the room Just Help Barry  Find stuff More Hapland  Think first
Muse Lock Escape this! Plan To Escape  Aliens nearby Oriel's Adventure  Heads up
Old MacDonald  Farming differently Package  Think under pressure Romance Maker Love is in the air
So Escape  from the town Travel Point Adventure time Set The Alarm Clock  Good luck!
Try To Escape  DayMare2 The Room  I give tell me DR Ku  MD trained
School Flash Games
Bad Apples Geography  Africa Charles Dickens  With a twist, read on!
Build An Airplane  Fly away Archeology Dig Develop Map Skills
Crosswords   Clueless Dino's Return  They're baaack! Dragon University Speak naturally
Author It Da Balloon Burst  Angle away Fill It Up  Good Luck
Cartoon Maker  Fun times Mini Crosswords  Hints included Learn Keyboarding
Maze  Find your way Farm Stand Multiplicate your food Hangman  Watch the sneaky eye
Monster Mania  Creation unlimited Match Sticks  Eye Sight Special Vowel Popper
Run Monkey Run  Take me home Language & Memory Match Simon Says  Retro fit
Dinosaurs Analogy Tooth Fairy  Ya right!
Word Build  Vocabulary time Paper, Stone, Scissors Cryptograms  Print them too
Tic Tac Math Place The State  USA Word Games  Noggin Noodles
Lord Of The Flies Seven Snowmen
Trouve le gobelet
Spelling Bees Hieroglyphs Hangwords
Math For Two Lemonade Larry Math Human Body
Word Safari  (No Tarzan here) Shapeology  Tangram Mania
Math Flash Games
Hexagons  Rotation Frustration Kakuro  For puzzle addicts only Math Quiz  No paper allowed
Kid's Sudoku  Adults can try too Leap Frog Try 5 frogs Magic Square  Total must be 30
Multiplication Station Get the facts  Heavy Weight  Coins Broken Calculator
Higher Or Lower  Card shark Math Millionaire  No suitcases Compute Castle  Magic Potions
Different Flash Games
Play Bridge George W  Slidin... Animator Sit back and enjoy
Tootin  Sweet smelling Swap a Smiley  Watch the wink Bag Man  Bag it
Paths  Move red ball with spacebar Pearls  Don't pick up the last one! Rack Em Up   Pool shark
Roll That Putt  Practice putting Jenga  Stack 'em Pusher  Push the right buttons
War  Battle of A