: Description: An ebook full of titles, phrases, captions, quotes, sayings, and ideas that you can use to help you with that unique page title...Use this reference Ebook for various craft projects, including; Scrapbooking captions, Rubber Stamping, Greeting Cards, Birth and Wedding Announcements, Invitations, Embroidery Crafts, Cross-stitching, Painting & Stenciling, Gift Tags, Jar Labels, Cake Decorating, Party Favors, Candles, and a whole lot more. [ More Information ]
: Description: Easily create jaw-dropping scrapbook pages in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea (transforming all those precious photos and recording your treasured memories)...while saving time and expressing your personality...Eliminates the need To be a creative genius, so you know where to start each and every time you sit down to start scrapbooking! [ More Information ]

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