Teacher Tools

: Description: Printable, often-used classroom forms, report card comments, practical teacher tools, worksheets and downloadable teaching materials designed to save teachers valuable time. [ More Information ]
: Description: School teacher discount supply store with supplies, resources and products including arts, crafts, puzzles, stickers, science fair projects and more at near wholesale prices for the classroom. [ More Information ]
: Description: High-quality study guides, lesson plans, and other reference material in various academic areas. [ More Information ]
: Description: Combine classroom management with methodology in the best practices of effective teaching...Contains actual teaching strategies that you can immediately apply to any classroom.... [ More Information ]
: Description: This is a software program for preparing and printing your own bingo cards. Great for teachers and parents who want to create educational bingo cards, and can also be used to create fun entertainment cards for events such as baby showers and bridal showers. [ More Information ]
: Description: Create a calendar and distribute the address of the calendar to as many people as you want... Many clubs, schools, teachers, students and individuals maintain a calendar here... The calendar enables fast and easy communication... People can view (but not change) your calendar using any web browser. [ More Information ]
: Description: Complete, one-stop-shop math and science success system for grade 7-12 students... It gives them all the tools they need to excel in math and science subjects... all tied together into a motivating, easy-to-use, step-by-step process that gets results. [ More Information ]
: Description: A step-by-step book through the typical school day, from arriving in the school's bus-filled parking lot to checking out of the office at the end of the day... Include anything and everything a substitute teacher needs to know, using hundreds of illustrations. [ More Information ]
: Description: How to thrive and survive in your classroom... How to create your ideal classroom, motivate your students, maintain their attention and keep them on task without screaming, pleading or burning yourself out. [ More Information ]
: Description: Free study guides for novels, plays, poems and films ranging from Animal Farm to Yonnondio: From the Thirties. Each study guide includes essays, an in-depth chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quiz. Study guides are available in PDF format. [ More Information ]
: Description: Thousands of worksheets are available to practice elementary education basics. The practice printable worksheet bundles complement any school or home school curriculum.. [ More Information ]
: Description: Invaluable resources for new and experienced teachers wishing to include some new ideas in their learning and development programs for children in the early years...Content presented is practical, relevant and interesting for use in the school environment. [ More Information ]
: Description: The largest collection of old high school, college and military yearbooks on the Internet today... Customers use E-Yearbook to search for old classmates, research genealogy, browse a remarkable college sports history archive, life records as well as clubs and other content. [ More Information ]
: Description: Do you find yourself SO busy that you're unable to properly prepare THAT speech for an assembly...An incredible resource that is really a must-have for any Principal or teacher... It not only has a myriad of great speeches that are specific to a wide range of educational contexts, but it is jam-packed with great stories and examples. [ More Information ]

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