: Description: Ten folds to decorate your Christmas Tree, Festive tables and more...Learn how to make a Cracker, Christmas tree, candy cane, Stocking, Presents, Star, snowflake and more... Instructions are simple to follow and quick to learn. [ More Information ]
: Description: Create your own Holly napkin holders [ More Information ]
: Description: Put your old Christmas cards to use!.. Recycle them to make mini Christmas card boxes. [ More Information ]
: Description: # Spring projects # Easter Crafts # Mothers' Day crafts # Father's Day crafts # Summer projects # Autumn projects # Halloween crafts # Christmas crafts # Winter Projects # Crafts for All Occasions [ More Information ]
: Description: When you invite guests or family for a meal...impress them! [ More Information ]
: Description: Experience a delightful Christmas musical play with all your favorite Christmas Carols, plus receive tons of help with production to make your play a delightful success. [ More Information ]

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