: Description: Books for teachers, parents and students...Browse through these books and you will find one that meets your needs. [ More Information ]
: Description: Complete, one-stop-shop math and science success system for grade 7-12 students... It gives them all the tools they need to excel in math and science subjects... all tied together into a motivating, easy-to-use, step-by-step process that gets results. [ More Information ]
: Description: This ebook is more than just another collection of easy science projects for kids... It's a deeply memorable set of educational activities that will keep your children engaged and entertained for hours at a time, and exercise their imagination and resourcefulness for years to come. [ More Information ]
: Description: Demonstrates, with a timeline, a project log, a step-by-step outline, a discussion of scientific method, and a feature on how judges think...Makes preparing for the science fair very easy and less stressing. [ More Information ]

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