: Description: A recent survey concluded that the majority of Canadian households – 69% – have not given any thought to preparing a “fire escape plan”... And, only one in 10 people said they had practiced a home fire drill in the past year...Here are some simple tips to prevent tragedy in your home...Watch the video [ More Information ]
: Description: Drowning is one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths amongst children... Adult supervision is a top priority for preventing drowning but it can't end there... Keep your children safe this summer with these five water safety tips...Watch the video. [ More Information ]
: Description: Backyard barbequing is a rite of summer for most Canadians... But before the gourmet of the house grills up the first steaks of the season, it's important to run your gas barbeque through a safety checklist... Watch the video [ More Information ]
: Description: An easy-to-use application which will instantly produce a clear, consistent, and concise criminal background report that has been drawn from the most currently available public records...The data is obtained directly from the administration of the courts, state's central repositories, and county and criminal justice systems. [ More Information ]

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