: Description: Qualified rodentologist teaches children how to care for their pet guinea pig using a stress free natural formula. [ More Information ]
: Description: All about caring for your fish : subtrates, feeding, live plants. filtration, water quality....Check this out. [ More Information ]
: Description: Beautiful, quiet, easy-to-care-for, and inexpensive to feed ...hedgehogs area joy to own! [ More Information ]
: Description: An easy to read guide covering all aspects of keeping African dwarf frogs such as handling, aquariums,types and species, feeding, care, diseases, and shedding. [ More Information ]
: Description: Instructional plan helping you set up your cockatiel cage, taming, training, understanding its body language and proper nutrition. [ More Information ]
: Description: Learn the secret tactics for setting up and maintaining a solid aquarium set at home [ More Information ]
: Description: One hundred recipes and treats for your cat...Check them out. [ More Information ]
: Description: One hundred and thirty recipes for tasty treats and meals for your canine friend. [ More Information ]
: Description: Easy to follow, step by step guide to saltwater aquarium fish, coral and invertebrates...Cheaply and easily keep marine fish, corals and invertebrates in a breathtaking, exotic, underwater wonderland of untold colours and forms. [ More Information ]
: Description: The easiest system to follow on the market today for learning how to train your dog and change its behavior. [ More Information ]
: Description: Instantly decide on a course of action for your ailing pet - so you can ease pain and start treatment immediately... Easily afford natural and effective remedies regardless of your financial situation - so your pet doesn't have to go without treatment... Quickly diagnose your sick or injured pet - so you can instantly know if you can administer care yourself or if you should seed medical help immediately... Immediately begin regimens that have been proven to halt and or prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes - so your pet can live a long and healthy life with you... [ More Information ]
: Description: Information developed by a panel of renowned dog training experts whose combined wisdom represents nearly 100 years of specialist experience training dogs. [ More Information ]
: Description: Facts and information about buying, raising, feeding, caring for and breeding peacocks, peafowls. [ More Information ]
: Description: Suggestions and ways of insuring optimal health for your gecko by optimizing its surroundings. [ More Information ]
: Description: Discover how veterinarians and cat breeders use, to keep your pregnant cat safe and healthy, and raise happy, healthy kittens!...Know exactly what to do when she’s delivering, and the best ways to help her raise the baby kitties safely! [ More Information ]
: Description: If you are thinking about getting a parrot and you want to make sure you start out on the right foot, this is for you...It also shows you how to care for your parrot to greatly reduce the risk that your parrot will face those emotional problems that beset so many of these birds who are kept as pets. [ More Information ]
: Description: The simplest, most effective strategies to keep your pet lizard healthy..A 32 page step by step guide breaks down the whole process in a simple, jargon-free way and will allow you to fully grasp every aspect of successfully caring for your lizard in captivity, irrespective of the actual species of lizard you eventually choose. [ More Information ]
: Description: In 1905, AC Smith wrote a Complete Guide to the Breeding Feeding, Housing, Exhibiting and Marketing of Cavies...Perhaps this could be the next big venture. [ More Information ]

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