: Description: Find all the physics books you need in one place...Check these out! [ More Information ]
: Description: A physics calculator which allows you to find: - End Velocity of Inelastic Collisions - End Velocity of Elastic Collisions - Force, Mass and Acceleration - Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a moving object - Period and Frequency of a Pendulum - Distance, Time and Gravity - Pressure, Area and Force - Potential Energy - Kinetic Energy - Velocity, Wavelength and Frequency for Waves [ More Information ]
: Description: The numerical solving strategies are fully explained by dividing the solutions into easy steps. For the O-level physics students a new technique of plotting the graph is presented. The O-Level and A-Level physics students after consulting and mastering the numerical solving techniques presented in these books will feel confident to appear in the examination to secure good grades. [ More Information ]

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