: Description: Find all the physics books you need in one place...Check these out! [ More Information ]
: Description: A physics calculator which allows you to find: - End Velocity of Inelastic Collisions - End Velocity of Elastic Collisions - Force, Mass and Acceleration - Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a moving object - Period and Frequency of a Pendulum - Distance, Time and Gravity - Pressure, Area and Force - Potential Energy - Kinetic Energy - Velocity, Wavelength and Frequency for Waves [ More Information ]
: Description: Simple mental images, explanations and relevant equations will help you understand, recall and solve problems in all the main topics motion, mechanics, light, optics, electricity, heat, magnetism, electromagnetism, atomic physics, radioactivity. [ More Information ]
: Description: The numerical solving strategies are fully explained by dividing the solutions into easy steps. For the O-level physics students a new technique of plotting the graph is presented. The O-Level and A-Level physics students after consulting and mastering the numerical solving techniques presented in these books will feel confident to appear in the examination to secure good grades. [ More Information ]

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