Language Learning

: Description: High-quality study guides, lesson plans, and other reference material in various academic areas. [ More Information ]
: Description: Many teachers use traditional paper and pencil running records to track reading progress and identify errors. It is effective, but cumbersome. Running Records Companion is a Windows program for running records for reading. It not only performs all the calculations for error ratio, self corrections, etc., but it even produces a transcript of the text and shows how the student actually read the passage. It is incredibly fast and easy to use and will work with any text document. It produces reports on individual students as well as a summary of the entire class. Get a free demo The cost of this resource is $19.95, [ More Information ]
: Description: An award-winning foreign language program for kindergarteners to high schoolers... Designed just for kids, Powerspeak courses tap into the innate ability kids possess to learn a new language quickly and easily. All courses are available with or without teacher support. [ More Information ]
: Description: This site addresses story telling in the classroom... There a lot of sections that contain stories that you can use, contacts and forums, a newsletter and of course, lesson plans and curriculum connections. [ More Information ]
: Description: Used widely by educators, pediatricians, home-schoolers, speech therapists, public schools, daycare centers, libraries and families as the most fun and easy way to introduce children to sign language. [ More Information ]
: Description: Part of Praxis Language, and is a Praxis Personalized Learning System (PLS). The PLS is designed for the language learner of the 21st century. It represents the application of a network approach to pedagogy, teaching, and lesson design, together with the new tools and technologies of the post web 2.0 era [ More Information ]

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